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Headless e-commerce development

If you are looking for an innovative and high-performance solution to create your online store, I will develop it Headless e-commerce with Shopify Hydrogen is for you.

What is headless e-commerce development?

Headless e-commerce development is an approach that separates the Frontend (the user interface) from the Backend (data and operations management) of your online store.
This way, you can customize your storefront according to your needs, without any limitations.
You can also integrate your Frontend with different platforms, data sources and purchasing flows, offering a true omnichannel experience to your customers.

Why should you choose Bitforce?

Partner Shopify

Thanks to our partner Sintra Digital we are official Shopify partners for Italy. This gives guarantee of quality and reliability to our customers.

Developer Skills

Our team is made up of highly specialized software engineers on development Front Headless applications. We have more than 10 years of experience with these technologies.

Performance first

On every project we carry out, our main goal is to get the most out of it score on page speed insights for web core vitals.

Constant training

We put training first and our developers have training sessions weekly to stay up to date with all front end technologies.

Success guarantee

Headless e-commerce is the future of online commerce, Bitforce is the right company to create one successful platform.

Team UI/UX

We have a team of UI/UX designers specialized in e-commerce capable of creating funnels that they maximize conversions and engage customers.

"What are the benefits of headless development and commerce with Shopify Hydrogen?"

You will be able to stop asking yourself: "Can it be done?".
With this technology there are no constraints on your business, neither design, nor functional, nor integrations.
You will realize everything you have in mind with maximum performances.

By choosing headless e-commerce development with Shopify Hydrogen, you will benefit from


Greater flexibility and creativity: you can customize your headless frontend as you like, using the language and tools you know, and exploiting the potential of React.


Greater speed and performance: you will be able to offer your customers a smooth browsing experience and fast, thanks to server-side rendering, progressive hydration and intelligent caching shopify hydrogen.


Greater scalability and reliability: you can count on a robust and secure infrastructure provided from shopify, which manages your backend and hosting, and which adapts to your needs traffic and growth.


It allows you to customize your headless frontend however you want, without limitations imposed by backend or from predefined themes.


It allows you to integrate your headless frontend with different platforms and channels, offering a omnichannel experience to your customers


It allows you to count on a robust and secure infrastructure, provided by Shopify, which manages the your backend and your hosting, and that adapts to your traffic and growth needs.

What is shopify hydrogen?

Hydrogen is a framework developed and maintained by Shopify based on React. This allows you to create headless storefront in a high-performance and secure way.

hydrogen shopify

Hydrogen includes:

UI components optimized for e-commerce, allowing to implement features such as cart, checkout, search, filters, reviews and more Still.

Integrated development tools, which facilitate the creation process, test and deploy your headless frontend.

Oxygen, Shopify's global Edge node hosting service, which guarantees you a quick and safe deployment of your Headless Frontend, with high performance and reduced costs. The entire infrastructure is designed to scale automatic based on your site traffic.

The development phases of a headless e-commerce

These are the steps we follow to create your headless ecommerce

1 - Evaluation

We evaluate the project needs and draw up a document that establishes the timing implementation and the resources to be used in the project.

2 - UI/UX design

UI/UX Design: Homepage, PLP, PDP and other relevant funnels to increase conversions of your e-commerce. All while maintaining the company brand identity 100%.

3 - Configuration

Complete Shopify e-commerce configuration and headless storefront setup.

prototyping shopify hydrogen e-commerce
e-commerce online with shopify hydrogen

4 - Front end development

Development of the storefront with Hydrogen following the design tailor-made for your brand by our design team. In this phase all the functionalities are also implemented custom interactions that your business requires.

5 - Integrations

Integration of CMS engines and third-party services. With Hydrogen these are not added through Apps that slow down your e-commerce but using native SDKs, much more performing, customizable and lightweight.

6 - Go live, Support and control

After an intense QA and testing phase, the long-awaited moment arrives, the Go live! Bring e-commerce online represents the initial phase of a digital business. It is essential to maintain the control over time on quality and be ready to develop new features for increase sales.

We develop Headless commerce for your company

Do you want to know more about this technology? Contact us for a free consultation.

Our Offices

Piazza XX Settembre, 14
52025 - Montevarchi (Ar) - Italia
Tel.: +39 0575 383429
Via Fratelli Lumiere, 19
52100 - Arezzo - Italia
Tel.: +39 0575 383429
Stroma 16 35-304 Rzeszów
Telefon: +48 793 902 234